Buskill Falls, Pennsylvania- Photo by: John Melluso

Photography is my passion and it is something I enjoy on a daily basis. I have a degree in photography and had worked for many years with an architectural photographer. My photographic experiences included darkroom techniques, photo styling, and assisting. I had also worked closely with publications, advertising agencies, and marketing firms. Presently I am specializing in fine art subject matter with a focus on landscapes and nature.  I am most comfortable outside in a natural environment enjoying capturing the landscape, and details around me. Often I am found taking pictures nestled in a wooded area, focusing on trees, or flowers. I find the forms of nature fascinating. I believe in a contemplative approach to photography and getting in touch with my surroundings with a strong level of spirituality. I like to focus on capturing lines, shadows of a subject, lighting, as well as texture and color.

Typically I don't plan in advance what or when I will photograph. I am however, a weather watcher, and often that will dictate what I will photograph. A day that brings rain also brings opportunity. Just as a sunny day will push me through the door to travel somewhere. Most of the time I just pack up my gear and wherever my travels take me, I am ready to embrace all moments. An explorer by nature and ready to take on all that is in my view. Road trips to nowhere become a day of great images and writing.

Some of my other interests include photographing people in their environment with a documentary approach to my subject with a focus on how they interact in their surroundings. Whether it is an intimate or community setting I like to show a sense of place and tell a story about the people and location. I am drawn to areas of diversity because they are a true representation of the real world we live in.

Often I like to combine my images with free-verse and short narratives to further my connection with the written word. While I do believe images speak for themselves as that is what photography is all about, I also find a need to tell a deeper story about my work based on my own experiences and feelings at the moment when I had made the image.

When I am photographing I am at peace capturing everything around me. My images are straight forward and are not heavily manipulated in post-processing programs. I believe you should photograph things as they are, for that is the true way to see and connect with your subject.